SVP guru to LS paean


I'm not new to the group, but after a looong hibernation away from DAWs I finally dived into LS9 in serious way this past month. Its been one of the weirdest hardest things I've had to go through...kinda like the proverbial writer's block, but with a music tool. I was an expert SVP user but had that effectively taken away from me after Gibson bought out and destroyed Opcode Systems back in 1999. It took a few years, but after OS X rolled out it was just a matter of time. Instead of just making the transition then, in 2004 (giving up my trusty accelerated Mac G4) I walked away from making music altogether. By 2010 I knew I wanted back in with the best compact, full-digital-signal path, plug-in based project studio I could afford (which wasn't all that much). It would've been easy to spring for a desktop and raw core power; instead I went with a Mac mini, albeit one that can address 8Gb of RAM (Oct '10 model), with the idea of pushing that to the max and utilizing Logic's nodes once I out-grew that. Plus it would let me see if I was serious about getting back into production without breaking the bank. If push came to shove, for roughly the same money as a full-blown desktop, I could off-load dedicated plug-in horsepower to something like the Receptor, or expanded track counts with an Alesis HD24, but still control things in the digital domain with a light footprint cpu like the, no fan noise.

Anyway, my interface is an Apogee Ensemble running lightpipe, for now to an old Sony TCD-D8 for archiving, or more likely session documentation (amazing nuggets can be found on a rolling recorder after a session) Being a hands-on guy even in the digital domain, I put $$ in the Euphonix MC Controller surface, and all of this wired into a LAN utilizing a mirrored 8Tb storage system.

My first project has been digitizing a box of DAT archives. That's gotten me acquainted with Logic's asset management paradigm and I'm getting fairly fluent with Logic's audio toolset and the sample editor. I'm surprised you can't consolidate a single file's used portions without destroying region edits like was possible in SVP, or maybe I just haven't found that command yet? Aside from that, it's nothing dramatic, but the coolest thing I've noticed so far is the stability of the setup, best illustrated by being able to switch sample rates on the Ensemble on the fly (some DATs are 44k, some 48k). In the old OS9 days, that nearly guaranteed a system crash.

After this, I'll have to tackle Logic's sysex capabilities. I have some old skool 'special sauce' gear that is best leveraged with sysex. I think I'm finally in it for the long haul. Goodbye SVP (I'll always remember who brung me to the dance), hello Logic!

Orren Merton

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Another SVP user! I too started with Opcode, first Vision then Studio Vision Pro. From SVP I moved to Cubase for a few years, and when Cubase VST 5 proved too buggy for me, I got crossgrades to both Digital Performer and Logic Platinum. I worked with DP for a year, moved to Logic, and I've been here ever since. :)