Logic Pro 9 Switching from Garageband to Logic 9... some questions!


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Hi everyone!

This is Salva, from Spain. I've been recording and editing a podcast for almost two years using Garageband, but I've recently decided to switch from that soft to Logic Pro 9.

First of all, let me apologize if my technical English is not that good, so I'll try to explain my questions the best I can.

Although recording is quite easy with Logic, I'm having a lot of problems when trying to assing any track part a particular volume (for example, when using our mag music theme and then fade it to the vocal tracks). In garageband it was quite easy, just creatings some points in the "yellow line" under the track and taking it to -27.9 db. But the fact is that when I try to do the same using Automation in Logic, track volume remains the same, also when taking the automation to -60 db... so both tracks, music themes and voice tracks just play in the same volume. I don't know if Im explaining well. If not, please tell me and I'll try to do it better! What am I doing wrong?

There's another question for all of you. I have two different screens in my iMac... the proper iMac screen itself and a Philips 32" TV. Everytime I create a new file... the window opens in my tv and not in my main screen. Is there any way to fix it?

Thanks everyone for your help and wisdom! I'm sure I'll learn a lot thanks to all of you!

Cheers from Spain!


Regarding your Automation issue:
Have you put your track/channelstrip in either Touch, Latch or Write mode when adjusting your volume faders? To playback the Automation, your affected tracks/channelstrip have to be in Read mode.

Regarding you monitor issue, I would suggest you check in your Apple menu > System Preferences > Display...