Logic Pro 8 symbols


In ES2, how do can I find out what the symbol for pulse, square, sawtooth and sine is?

The manual isn't helpful in that it doesn't show the signs. I googled sawtooth and thought I knew what that symbol looks like, but the manual says oscilator 2 has a sawtooth that can be synced to Oscillator 1.

But I swear neither of the symbols by Sync are a sawtooth. I think one is a triangle and I'm not sure of the other.



The symbols are just based on what the waveforms look like.

Just so we're looking at the same thing...

In that shot, all Oscs are set to Sawtooth. One turn anti-clockwise on all Oscs gives you the Triangle wave, and one turn clockwise would give you the Square wave.

A square wave is just a special kind of pulsewidth wave. With a square wave, the waveform spends as much of the time 'up' as it does 'down'. With a pulsewidth wave you can vary how much time is spent up and down, you're literally affecting the width of the pulses. On Oscs 2 and 3, you can carry on turning the knob clockwise from the square wave to affect the pulsewidth.

The sine wave is at the bottom (6 o'clock) of each Osc. This is also where the Digiwaves live. Right-click where it says 'sine' and you can choose totally different, weirder, more complex waveforms.
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