This is definitely not my kind of music, but I have to say I really enjoyed listening to it, and went back to it a few times. I liked the way the percussion sounds blend, the small amounts of detuning, and the way the repeats evolve. It reminded me of something I couldn't place, but later it came to me: the theme to the UK version of Who Do You Think You Are.
Hi Bayswater and thanks for your feedback!

For the drum/percussion I used 4 different tracks: 2 of them made with alchemy and 2 with other samples.
I added a tape delay to the piano and used a lot of aftertouch and modulation wheel to add expression.
I like to compose/arrange different kind of music style, if you like it and agree I may post some other works completely different.

I'm searching with Youtube the UK version of Who Do You Think You Are to listen to the song. I can only find a strange TV serie but the main theme sounds different. Could you please send me the right link? Thank you in advance!

Tiziano Capppiello


The only link I can find is this.
Some years ago the theme was a longer and more interesting. I doubt you'll recognize it in your song. To me it has the same sense of movement, and the percussion has a similar feel.