Symphobia (or Not)


Hi there
A friend of mine is getting more and more into making film music.
His strength is in the symphonic genre but he is very tired of working with the traditional packages like East West Symphonic Orchestra and the Hollywood packages which he uses a lot.
With tired I mean that he finds he spends too much time creating crescendos, bends etc on parts that follow each other and is looking for something that can "do a little thinking on it's own".
He's is looking at Symphobia 2 and the Albion modules from Spitfire. Will these do the trick. He is certainly not one who will settle for "good enough" but on the other hand he likes the demos on their respective sites. Of course these demos are made to show exactly what the packages can do and there is no way of telling their shortcomings.
I cannot be of much help myself since I rarely work with that kind of music but I have noticed (over the years) that there are a few here who does :)

All the best
Henrik Krogh