Logic TDM Syncing DAE & Core Audio Together


Hi Again everyone
I have another problem which Im sure a few of you have addressed-

Im currently short of an ADAT 8io card for core audio so Im trying to use the MAC PRO spdif for a short period whilst I decide which 8io ADAT to go for-Im finding it virtually impossible to lock the core audio to my Big Ben - Her is how Im doing it
My TDM rig is set up correctly (all slaved to the Big Ben)
My Finalizer 96 is all synced-So Im sending out the Optical out (which I ve enabled on the IN page) to the MAC PRO Optical In-Just so that it slaves with my system
Im getting communication to the Optical In but its not synced-Its clicking(like it does!) Even when I have set everything to Digital In and out in Logic Core Audio and also in the AUDIO MIDI SETUP in the applications Utilities folder It makes no difference-If I pull out the Optical In-It doesn t mute the output(just the test tone going in obviously)-It just continues to use Internal Clock-
Any Ideas? In the AUDIO MIDI SETUP utility it is set to Digital In- Maybe the Mac Pro Digital In and out is not Pro Enough? And cant really lock to external Pro End sync?
the best is to use sync cables.. i had always problems using adat or spdif for sync TDM to other devices, obviously you can't use sync cables for the mac digi in/out :p

by the way if there are no option for master/slave in mac pro i suppose it should be automatic, but who knows..

I don't know what is bigben, have you tried connecting directly to the 96/192 bypassing bigben?
and if you set 96/192 as slave does it get the clock from the mac pro optical out ?
if it works you shoul keep the mac pro as master.. well.. is not the best option..

never used mac opti in/out..
i've bought a pair of new optical cables last week and i've connected the mac pro to the old g5 i still have, but honestly i haven't tried it yet, and towers are too far from my 96/96i to try with tdm, i should need a much longer cable..

good luck
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Hi Tigerman
I know all this but thanks anyway-I was wondering if there was a quick workaround-
The Mac Pro does not have any facility for Word Clock Sync In or out so that is why I was trying to Drive it via the Optical In Ext Dig In-That was the ONLY way to do this!
So now I have discovered that the Optical i/o on the Mac Pro is for only SemiPro Use so is absolutely of no use whatsoever to us Logic TDM users!
What I did was this to get my temporary workaround-I outputed the Optical out to Optical in of my Big Ben-Then I slaved my big ben from this.
I then sent the Optical out of the Big Ben to to Optical in of my Panasonic SV3800 DAT machine which then output the digital signal via SpDif phone to the SpDif phone In on my Digidesign 96-Hey Presto it works-But bear in mind that now my entire Digital studio is being driven by the Mac Pro Core Internal Digital out!But I would not like to stick with this setup for very long-I think the Mac Pro clocking will be awfull !!
I found out another thing whilst doing this-Inorder to get The Mac Pro Digital Out to be reasonably stable without any jitter, the Core Audio setup in Logic MUST BE SET to 1024 buffer size! which I know creates a latency of over 48ms but this is the only way! Any lower buffer size than this and you will get Jitter with lots of overloads in the Performance window on logic.
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Ignore the above post

Today I tried my first TDM with core audio proper session-------Absolute disaster-----even with the core audio buffer set to 1024-
I imported around 18 DAE tracks(no plugins)-Love the new BIN window in the arrange page by the way(Im coming from 7.1.3 logic with Pro Tools 7.2.3) All these ran fine-no crashes etc but as soon as I inserted a nexus synth au plugin the whole program ran like a joke-I was getting all sorts of overload Digital distortion etc-Honestly its like going back to Logic 4 on a pc! prior to 4.8 update!
So now I am left with two options
Jump the gun and just buy a hammefall PCIe or Lynx L22 PCIe for the sole purpose of running the core audio via adat i/o to ProTools Inputs(ESB Bridge equivalent) Or just Reinstall Logic 8 and try this with DAE

any suggestions? I ve posted various bits and pieces and it seems no one can be bothered answering-Are things that depressing????
Thanks again
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i have motu 2408mk3 for adats core audio to tdm, it works fine..
3*adat = 24 in and 24 out.
better than esb imho, triple outputs and even inputs.

just forget the mac optical audio.. it just sux has you have discovered

I don't think logic 8 will change anything.

And don't forget that digidesign support for logic is dead.. so, before making any purchase for use it with logic tdm, think about it twice before.

latest official supported setup is osx 10.5.8 pt 8.0.1 and logic 9.1

we can't go to snow leopard (unless you want to use unsupported pro-tools releases).
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