Logic Pro 9 Syncing Logics ?

My first post here.

I have an Apple G5 with Logic 6.4.2 and am about to upgrade to Logic 9 on a new MacBook Pro. I'm also going to be running Spectrasonics Omnisphere in the new suite.

I am wondering about how to transfer files from 6 to 9 of course. But I am also considering tying the two systems together since some of the softsynths that I love are no longer part of the company's plans (NI's Pro - 53, mainly since I'm a sucker for those old Prophet V sounds).

So...anyone with tips on file transfer ? Obviously, that could only be from the earlier to the later version, I'm sure.

And...has anyone tried syncing two systems together?

Thanks for your help.

Bless ya - youre doing what I will be doing in the next few months (Im running 6.4.3 and then updating to a Macbook Pro and probably Logic 9 - although Im also running Reason+Record now and having a whale of a time with those two programs)

I too am considering what to do with my old plugins - I cant believe that NI doesnt have an AU version of Pro53 though. I will need to update my FM7 as well as my Mellotron & Oddity plus my Trilogy.

Theres a part of me that is ok with just moving on from them but in the case of the FM7 in particular I have a lot of my own old DX7 library which is easier to use on the FM7 than the DX7.

Be interested to see what kind of responses you get from others which is chiefly why I responded.

Re the Logic 6 to Logic 9 conversion as I understand it there shouldnt be any problem as long as the files arent pre Logic 5 but again it will be good for someone to clarify that.

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Not only did NI develop an Audio Unit version of Pro 53, it is in fact intel compatible. I am running it here in Logic 9.1.3 in OSX 10.6.7.

The only thing there won't be will be a 64 bit version.

kind regards

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PS I would imagine you could just run the two machines with one slaving to the other if you wanted to - or theres a way you can network the 2 machines together to work effectively as one machine isnt there? Someone else can tell you how to do this.

Although the 'best' option is to have it all under one roof - much as I dont want to give my G4 away for next to nothing theres a good case for letting it go to a good home and sell it off once I have the new Macbook Pro
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Syncing the two systems works OK if you use MTC. Not MIDI Clock. You create a network session (device) in your OSX Audio/MIDI setup, assign two different fixed IP addresses to each of the machines (in OSXs Network Prefs), set Logic to send MTC to the new virtual "Network" output (must be done in each logic song), chose "MTC Trigger" as the sync method in Logics sync prefs, connect the machines with an ethernet cable and then connect the machines in the new created "Network" session - thats it basically. One will be slave and one - master, obviously.

May not work together with your internet settings, though.

good luck

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ps the reason it wont work with MIDI clock is that only MTC (MIDI Time Code) sends out position information - MIDI clock is purely tempo locking I think isnt it?
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It works fine with G4 since Tiger but to be honest I could only achieve professional results with two machines running they same OS version. Of course, tempo and frame rate in the songs must match, and ideally also the audio buffer setting (not always critical). I think Sound On Sound had a detailed article about network syncing years ago, should be free to read in their website's back catalog (it's searchable).

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That was fast....thanks for all the assistance. Eventually, it seems it is entirely possible to get the Pro-53 into the MacBook Pro -- hopefully, the manual provides good documentation for the MTC process outlines here.

I'm basically aiming for a studio that is "transportable" with great performance. When I take to the road and go camping, I'll be able to still record and mix work and sketch ideas.

When at home--more hardware interface and instrumentation.

So thanks again for everyone's input. Now off to read more about Logic 9.
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Any suggestions on bouncing my old MIDI file sequencing from the very old Yamaha QX 3 into Logic 9? How would I get the up to 16 channels of data to stream right into tracks in Logic where I could re-work them and expand if needed?

Yes, I still have that square dinosaur.
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If you have money to spend you could get Native Instruments FM8. It will load all your FM7-patches and it's almost identical plus a few new features.

As for Pro 53 you have the option to buy Arturia Prophet. It's definitely a better emulation of the original but if you have a lot of Pro 53 patches that's no solution of course.
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