Logic Pro X Syncing Pro X over midi network

I am having issues syncing up 2 logic pro sessions on 2 different macs. I compose for video and use logic to do it. Trying to have 1 machine playback video (Slave) well the other machine runs my midi and audio content (master) to save DSP on bith machines.

I am using MTC over a midi network and slaving one computer to the other and have followed the instructions here.


The problem seems to be the SMPTE (MTC) signal seems to be unstable and the result is that it is sending the cursor from the slaved machine all over the place. Playback on the video is so studdered its impossible to work with and the master session becomes so lagged out that its impossible to use either.

I spoke with an apple tech but they dont really know how to figure this out. Anyone out there have this set up? Could someone give a pointer here.

The session on both Macs:
120 bmp
Frame rate: 24