Logic Pro 9 'System Overload' Help


I can be working away in logic for ages. I then leave it for a bit with logic running then, every time, I get:

System Overload.
The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time.

every few seconds!

I try to close all other programs to ease the cpu but it persists. I have the buffer range set to 1024 also.
I know that shutting my Macbook down, and upon re-starting Logic, It will work fine, but should I need to do this every time it gets a bit much for my machine?
Are there any other things I can try, its a real pain. I have frozen tracks before to help, but I don't know why it starts to happen, seemingly, from out of nowhere.
How's the system hard drive free space? If it's less than 10% (some would say even 20%) of capacity, that can create problems.

Also, if you're using an additional drive to record and play back on that you added to the system, check the free space and also check the formatting. Depending on where purchased, this could be formatted for a PC. (If you're not using a separate drive, perhaps you should be.)

RAM use of the project could be a problem as well. You say you've frozen tracks in the past. Did this help? It would support the RAM issue.
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