Logic Pro 9 System Overload

Hi All,

I'm suddenly getting 'System Overload. The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time. (-10011).

My system is:
OS 10.5.8
MacPro Nehalem 2.26 ghz / 24 GB ram
LogicPro 9.1.1

I know this has been discussed on the LUG before. In Logic, with just the project open, one of the CPU core meters is halfway up the scale and sometimes more and this is after freshly rebooting and not even playing anything.

I'm up against a deadline this afternoon and shall hopefully be able to cobble my mixes together but I do have to solve this. I'd really appreciate any suggestions.

I'm going to install SL on Monday..

How large is your I/O buffer size? Are you running a very small buffer and something like a space designer with a really long IR? that would do it...

How many plug-ins are instancited, and are they loaded with samples? What is the total real ram use in the Activity monitor for Logic Pro?
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In addition to what others have said, I would suggest running Activity Monitor before launching Logic to find out if there's something entirely outside of Logic in the background eating up your CPU.
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I was able to produce a "system overload" message by using the radio buttons under the project settings' synchronization's Unitor SMPTE Type parameter window. I chose "VITC" and "off" instead of "LTC" (the hardware sync for the open project was supposed to be "LTC"). I was just messing around for fun -- to try to crash my system...a little slow today.

Maybe a frame rate or sample rate inconsistency or other sync error?
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