Logic Pro 9 take folder issue


Or at least i think thats what it is.... So, ill be doing some punching, sometimes one vocal track sometimes 10 drum tracks, and logic will put an older take in place of the one i wanted. sometimes i may be 4 mins into the song, and it replaces a take a minute into it. make sense? any ideas whats up? ive been running logic for about 3 years and have always had this problem. i have just dealt with it, but its wearing me out!


Macpro 2.6 quad
8gb ram
os 10.5.8
lp 9.1.7
If you are using take folders, this is one possible explanation:
When you record a new take into a take folder, and the new take is shorter than previous takes, Logic's default behavior is to create a comp track (just like the quick swipe comp tracks you can manually create in a take folder). Logic will use all of the most recent take, and fill in the missing measures from a previous take.

One solution is to use the quick swipe comp tool and de-select the sections from the earlier takes, leaving only your most recent take.

Another solution is to export the more recent, shorter take to its own track and mute the take folder track.
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