Logic Pro 9 Take folders & Flex wackiness


Anyone notice Audio Take folders acting strange when flex mode is enabled? I have 3 tracks of Bass I have recorded that have been grouped. I wanted to move a portion of a bass note over a little bit. I turned on flex mode and used "triple golf tee" (ala dancetech..lol) and slid a note over with group turned on. Now I hear bass lines playing where comps are not selected, somewhat similar to dancetech's vocal line prob

on a side note, this video was like therapy for me, I was totally frustrated and once I SAW the problems he was having 2, I wasnt as frustrated, in fact it is frickin hilarious, YOU HAVE to see his video above ,especially at the 1:48 to 3:00 min area.....lmao his comment

"ahhh motha f*****, do you know what I mean? all the saints..... what in the living name of f*** is happening?"
My audio plays where none has been comped (he is also not using a take folder).

I really hated pro tools LE, and Digidesigns focus being on PTHD users, so I Bought Logic, knowing I was purchasing the SAME software the real pros were using, I would be able to tag along and get upgrades and have a stable program. But now I wonder what is going on? the bugs are really in excuseable, and there are way to many people having issues for it to be some sort of driver/computer/ios issue, right? or am i being completly ignorrant?
I don't know what's going on, but I am positive that there is a general wackiness regarding almost everything that surrounds Flex Tool.
It seems to me that Flex is veeeeery touchy, so I don't even try bold stuff like you said: comping with Flex on.

Just moments ago I had trouble merging regions in grouped + flex activated tracks. Flex totally screwed up the merging process!
I believe that the only real safe way to use flex is to use it on comps that are flattened and merged.

Another thing I can't understand is the reverse process of Flex editing. If you want to set a note to neutral position, you have to do it individually to every track in the group, even if you moved everybody together in the first place!

More: It seems to be impossible to delete flex markers, and what is worse, it looks like nobody has one solid piece of advice regarding this whole thing! I was kind of excited when I started working with it, but now this "amazing new feature" looks a bit embarrassing.
It does shows a lot of potential, we have to give them that, but it is clearly unfinished.

"Logic developers out here, we admire and applaud the effort, but please send an upgrade ASAP!"
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