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hello, i am a really new member, this is actually my first thread and i became a member to specifically get a possible answer to my question involving creating a talkback system using logic pro 9 a blue yeti mic (which is the usb) and a blue spark condenser mic (which is xlr).

here is my setup in detail so it may help answer question. I have a macbook pro that powers my yeti mic that ide like to use in control room to communicate to vocal booth. it also powers my apogee duet which powers my spark condenser mic in the vocal booth as well as a 4 channel headphone amp that is powering my control room headphones as well as the headphones that are extended to the vocal booth.

so im trying to get help figuring out how to create a simple talkback system using this combination, now ive heard it involves creating separate channel strips that will power the talk back mic and i would be able to just fade it in/out when communication to vocal booth is needed which sounds perfect:thmbup: however due to the fact its a usb mic that im wanting to use as means of communication to booth it adds complexity to the question at hand:confused:.

if anyone happens to know an easy way to accomplish this task it would be greatly appreciated as ive spent multiple hours trying to find a answer and simple solution to this :brkwl:. a simple "its not possible" will do ill just buy another xlr powered mic which will solve the issue but if possible ide like to avoid spending more money on another mic.

thank you in advance, jw63786
What interface are you using? Presumably you are running something from your macbook into the headphone amplifier, is there somewhere here you can add a normal mic with a jack or xlr that is not picked up in recording (e.g. i use a spare channel on my mixer that is muted, when i want to contact the artist I simply unmute so that it runs from the control room mic into the mix which they can hear.

Alternatively, this can be done similarly in your DAW. Because if is a USB mic, simply create a channel in your software (e.g. Logic 9) which uses your USB mic, and simply arm it to record (monitor the channel) when you want to contact the artist as a talk back. This is all presuming you have an output from the macbook back to the headphone amp, and that they are not just hearing a general input mix.

I hope this makes sense. If not, don't hesitate to reply or message me and I will try explain in better detail.

Happy Recording
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I think you're going to need to make an aggregate device in your Audio MIDI set up (in the utilities folder). This will work assuming the devices will allow it. There is an issue with Apogee devices and aggregate devices, but I think it may be limited to two Firewire devices. You have a firewire and a USB device. I know nothing of the Yeti, except that people seem to like them.
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