Logic Pro 9 Tascam DM3200


Hi all.
I am new to the group and have searched the site but can't find info.

Anyone have the Tascam DM3200? I would love some help interfacing via firewire. Thanks!
Finally got the faders to correspond and am still working on signal. Almost there. This is a complicated process!

I will be glad to help anyone who needs to get this far and will post more results when up and running.

My plan is to have my Tascam, HD24XR and Roland Fantom G6 all living together at some point.
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As long as I am talking to myself, I may as well form a digital diary for Logic users who want to interface with a Tascam DM3200 or DM4800.

I found that I had the "old" firewire card installed. So if you have a card with 2 ports instead of one you will need to get a new one to talk to Logic. Mine is on the way. I will update later.
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