Logic Pro Templates and Metronome settings


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In Logic 9, when I save a new project template, it would save my metronome settings, i.e. whether I check "Click While Recording", "Only during count-in", "Click While Playing" or all unchecked. Now in Logic X, any newly created template has the "Click While Recording" check box checked even if I've saved the new template with it unchecked.

Am I missing something here? I can get my template to remember "Only during count-in" and "Click While Playing", but not unchecked for "Click While Recording".

Anyone else having this problem or is there some other setting I am missing to find my desired behavior for opening a new project with a template. To me it seems like a really annoying bug.

Thanks for the help.
Same here. It also refuses to save the channel output assignment on the click track. My sound card/console does not use 1&2 as the stereo buss so this is always sending click to my first two channels. That sucks. It's been a long time since I've installed a brand new release but I can't remember this buggy of a release since the windows days. Back to 9 until they work some of these bugs out.
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My metronome settings are suddenly starting to save. Weird. I have been using the save as function though I'm not sure that's why it started working.
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