Logic Pro 8 Tempo Interpreter


I was wondering if anyone knew how i could get my tempo interpreter to work, i've read the whole section/checked the boxes but i can't get a signal?
There are only 2 pages regarding this feature which brings me to the conclusion that it just works because there is no mention of any other settings.
I have Ticked The "Auto enable external sync" and tried it with all 3 options Manual, internal and MTC, i Have also tried it with both a MIDI keyboard and Caps lock keyboard, plus i have tried it with the "Auto enable external sync" un ticked.

Any feed back would be great.
I have recently sorted this out after searching for movies on you tube and doing some of my own tests. Here are my condensed notes on how to use the interpreter. This is with L9, though I would think the process should be the same.

1) Set Tap Tempo Key Command

2) Turn on Sync to "Manual Sync - Using Tempo Interpreter."

3) Start Tapping. (using the key command) There's a default 4 tap count in and then Logic will automatically start playing while synced to the taps. (Ruler bar will be blue indicating sync)

This is good for starting off with a tempo utilizing a key on the qwerty key.


For more control with Tap and recording, I'd record MIDI to track, then use "Beats from region" to create the tempo track.

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