Tempo lock feature?


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It seems enormously complex to me to preserve smtpe position of events, when inserting or changing a tempo earlier in the song than these events. This is something I find myself having to do often in film scoring, and I can't understand why Logic has not enabled a tempo lock option. The most reliable way presently is to make a change earlier, and then return to the later section you are wanting to preserve and enable Logic to automatically adjust a newly inserted tempo event before this. But you end up with bars of ridiculously fast or slow tempos. Plus it's time consuming and risky, and can be difficult to properly plan.

It seems to me that if the tempo list allowed a tempo to be locked, then any regions in the arrange that are also locked will not only preserve their correct tempo, but they will also remain in the correct bar/beat position (if you lock regions and then change tempos, your midi ends up in places that bear no relation to the beat of the bar).

There must be loads of people who have this issue...? Or am I missing something?


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+1 on the wish list

i use the " preceding bars with crazy tempos" work around as well.. very inelegant..

people rave about DP being the best for tv/film stuff .ive never seen how they handle it..ill try youtube . im just curious.


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I agree, this is a problem, I'm composing music for a movie and really need this function, to be able to lock the tempo changes. Tempo lock now please!

Or has anyone maybe found a solution on this problem in Logic 9?


Ok sorry I re-read on a day where I've had more sleep and understand better. Seems like you'd like the ability to fix tempo-base (a specific downbeat or etc) along with the smpte timebase.
Totally agree. Logic has always had a bias towards music starting at Bar 1 and chugging along. Very hard to work backwards in time. Kind of on this same subject, when working with large Quicktimes and their respective aifs, it would be nice to start at Bar 3 even though there might be 10 minutes of the aif preceeding the cue. (At least in Logic 8) one can only have 8 negative bars in front of any given song.


Apple. Please - Please have some sort of lock tempo already. Maybe have a region tempo command that creates a tempo marker in the region and the ability to tie all other applicable regions to it?

Doug Zangar

+1 (really about + 100...). That would be such a useful feature. Just went through that issue last night working on a film and mapping tempos.