Logic Pro X Terrible Glitches In 10.4.0 Update


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Hey all,
I recently updated to 10.4.0 and have been running into some really annoying glitches.
-The windows for some plugins won't reopen after they are opened and closed once from the channel.
-Sometimes when i select a different midi region the piano roll window will not change.
-Just now as i was checking my project to figure out the best way to describe these glitches, when i select midi regions it won't show any of the notes in the piano roll. It wasn't doing this before.
-Prior to above glitch i was not able to copy or write in new midi note into an existing region.

These are the glitches I've noticed so far. I was thinking maybe because I'm using 32lives to bridge some plugins its clashing with the new update. I just wanted to bring these issues to the public and see if anyone else is having similar issues.

Also was hoping to get some help on how to reinstall the older version.


ALWAYS backup you system before updating.
Depending on what OSX you installed be aware that High Sierra introduces a new file system that can break some plugs.

Check to see if there is an update for 32bitlives

I gave up 32bit plugs when I moved to Logic Pro X.


I have also experienced the piano roll glitch. I hate being able to top this. If I put a sequence on top of another without merging them into one, I cannot edit one without making the other disappear. Thank goodness for undo.