Thank You All!

Pete Thomas

Staff member
This forum gets a nice mention in the December Sound on Sound (thank you Roger Jackson). It's a very nice article Back to Basics (you need to be an eSubscriber to see the full article of course) or just buy the magazine.

Well worth reading, even if you think you know it all: I found some good tips there I didn't know about even after using Logic every day since it evolved for Notator!

He says it's well worth making friends with the very knowledgeable and generous community here.

So big thanks not only to all the experts and gurus, but also to the newbies and just regular Logic users here for asking useful questions, giving helpful answers and being friendly, polite, knowledgeable, generous, intelligent, good looking, er....maybe that's pushing it a bit.
That is very gracious of Roger, and very encouraging. Many thanks!

kind regards