Logic Pro X The "Link" function in LPX???

Hi Luggers,

I'm reading through the new manual, and am having a difficult time finding out how to use the old link function. No matter the setting I attempt to use, no love, it just doesn't work like it has in the past. Anyone figure it out yet?

Doug Zangar

Are you talking edit window links or plug-in links or both? Both are working here. You've tested on different projects?

BTW, I've managed to crash LX twice in the 2 days I've had it.....
Well mainly the link that allows me to change a track and have the linked open plug-in interface change... I use it all the time and can't seem to get it going. I haven't looked at any other modes.

I mean, where the heck IS the link button on either the main logic interface or the plug-in...

I mean Doug, you really gotta help me with this one, I'm totally messed up without it!!! (said with a touch of humor in case someone misses the subtly of the internet ;-).

And I call myself a pro.. DOH!


Looks like a case of "the missing link":D

On plug-ins, the link button is on the far upper right. Used to be on the left.

The familiar link button (Same Level, Content) is available on the Score Editor, but not on the Piano Roll.

In the Arrange and Event List, it's a menu item: Local View>Link> but no link button.
Well call me a (pick cute metaphor here).. I see the "link" enable on the plug-in interface is on the upper left hand corner now, and with the interface being so dang dark I simply didn't see it.

Thanks for the reply, it made me dig deeper, a good thing with LPX I think...

Doug Zangar

George, have you even bothered to RTFM? ;)

Seriously though, I've found no link button on the arrange window. I'm not sure I ever had it activated before anyway.

Switching from track to track, the plug-ins update as expected. Link is on far right top, in case you've missed it. Won't be viewed if you have header closed.

Edit; Just noticed you and Wally had resolved the problem while I was typing my post.

Doug Zangar

Holy Logic 9! Main window it is. I don't know what the SPL I was thinking!

More terminology blunders to follow, I'm sure.......

Doug Zangar

Thanks - I hadn't really spent any time RTFM-ing. That's a good resource.

Funny thing is, I have two weeks of a (non-certified) Logic class to teach starting Monday on Logic 9. My poor brain.......

Orren Merton

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...and the Main Window contains many different "areas"-what was the Arrange of the Main Window is now the Tracks Area of the Main Window. :)

Well I always thought my first Logic tutorials "ESX" and EXS" back and forth was the height of relentless renaming of a component of Logic... in fact, I suppose some could have made a drinking game of it.