The Loss of Mouseworks


Anyone finding themselves lost without the Kensington Turbo Mouse & its Mouseworks software?
I just installed a new drive on my Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 Dual Core Xeon. It's an old machine but I have used it happily in many projects. (8GB RAM)

For years I have had many key commands programmed into this trackball. I could start, stop, click to return to screenset 1, play from region start, RTZ, call up screen sets such as 'humanize', extend regions, and lots more. The best part was shift-clicking with one hand to extend selections or regions. My left hand rarely left the synth keyboard.

And I could also program the buttons for different apps. Although not officially supported in Lion, it worked after the upgrade - until I swapped out my system hard drive for a new, larger one. There's no replacement for Mouseworks and the trackball isn't even recognized except as a regular 2-button trackball with scrolling. Kensington's 'Trackball Works' or some such is a poor replacement as it doesn't allow configuring custom sets.

Does anyone know of a small input device which would replace this wonderful tool?
Thank you JT. I had a vague memory of this device but couldn't recall its name. I hope it's still available. Have you used it in Lion?

This could save the day for me. The Prosonus Faderport I just bought is going back tomorrow either way.

P.S. I too am a user of trackballs. The Turbo Mouse was a poorly-named
four button trackball. Actually I think the version I now have is called the Expert Pro Mouse Trackball.

I use the Logictech track balls, mice no longer work for me. But for video editing, one of these is indispensable:

It is possible to program the buttons to work with many different programs, including Logic and Protools, and the scrub wheel is absolutely super.
Still have no reason to use Lion, cannot help you there. I use them with SL10.6.8 (for Logic) and also with Win7 64 bit (for Sony Vegas).

I bought the ShuttlePRO v2. This device is a huge help in LP9.
I had purchased and tried the Faderport but sent it right back.
Thanks again, Juan Tanamera.
Check out ControllerMate. I'm not a trackball user, but I had to find a replacement for Mouseworks in Lion. I found that running ControllerMate with a Logitech mouse was a good solution. Not the best programming interface, but a powerful one that can duplicate most of what Mouseworks could do.
Thanks for the info starobin. Since I made the mistake of running the 10.7.4 Lion update Logic is crashing hourly making my Mouseworks problems seem like the good old days. :)
grr88, I also use Kensington Turbo Promouse trackball(and have been using this since adb), and really not interested in another device, do you get this figured out? I am still on 10.6.8 and was considering a new Mac Pro, but this is not good news, have you contacted Kensinton about why their software doesn't work under Lion?