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Hey Guys,

First: I'd like to apologize for posting this question on here :brkwl: - but I've been trying to find the answer online, which has been unsuccessful, so I figured i'd come to some experts. :thmbup:

For many years, I have recorded with an MBox going into ProTools software.

I am now looking to upgrade to Logic 9, but I'm having a hard time finding a good piece of hardware to allow me to connect two cables and one (or two) condensor microphones. Basically, what the actual "MBox" did for me in previous years.

Looking for something relatively cheap and simple. Not looking for a $2k Mixer, just something that allows me to plug in to my recording software!

My gear is an iMac G5 (the first line with the Intel Chips), Logic 9, and a condensor mic.
If you still have the MBox, it should still work with Logic 9 if you download the latest drivers. For me it works with a Macbook and Mac OS 10.6.8. Older Mac OS X versions will also work, but don't know about Lion.

Otherwise, you could consider buying an Apogee interface (Duet for example or One).

Good luck!