the original score wishlist


Is it worth posting the original score wishlist? I'm sure that very few of the items have been implemented since 2003 ( think about that!)

I still have a copy of <LAM score wishlist rolling blackboard no.7>



Here is the 7th and last Score Wishlist 'Rolling Blackboard' with individual items and votes. dated 22/11/03.
( NB. Some of the items below have indeed been sorted - please email me with details and I'll update the list - or simply post a reply here)

SCORE WISHLIST (please delete previous versions)

Wishlist for professional Logic notation users. (NB: Unofficial)
Please email me (not the list) for additions, comments, objections. If you
see a wish you agree with, email me & I'll add your wish. If I forget,
remind me! :)

Thanks to: Rich Girard; David Stonestreet; Brian Gascoigne;
Jon Hiseman; Fokke de Boer; Tonni Wei; Daniel Schell; Peter Storn; Kerry
Galloway; Gregor Elbaek; anulsinn; Phillip Beazley; John Oliver;
thomas huber; Eppo Schaap; Jim Seaman; Ole Vik; Howard Matthews; Bruno Arfors; Bronwen Thomson.....

cmon chaps!!! :)

Line and page format points as editable and copy/saveable events 7

change size of groups of instrument styles (score v parts) 11

Ability to change the length of stems on individual notes 14

Go-anywhere Global text 16

ditto + seperate defaults for score/parts. ie conditional on fontsize 9

multiple UNDO 10

improved grace note handling 14

8ve and 16ve up and down graphic and MIDI 13

Repeats (DS al coda, 1st & 2nd time &c) that work in midi
_from_ repeat bars & symbols themselves 20

independant 'lunga pausa' symbol 7

indefinite number of 'slash' repeat bars (current limit = 2) 12

vertical formatting of barlines 9

Horizontal move barlines 9

local display transpose 11

chord roots under slash on same line as chord = fully transposable 11

periodic bar numbers: automatically number new sections. 11

improved compound time signature handling (incl 'local'). 10

stop/continue *never* means 'go to 1 1 1 1' 10

with 'catch' enabled, display always defaults to 'SPL' in view 13

'Find' feature for MIDI and meta events and groups of events 8

'Replace' feature ditto 9

Side-by-side 2-page display option for 2-page monitors 11

Programmable height of triplet braces 10

user-programmable pallete for oft-used text (rit., vamp, etc) 10

addable long lines after melismatic/tied words. 'keytabbed' (fill) 9

Hyphens automatically positioned midway between syllables. 10

Cross-staff beaming 13

Printing odd and even pages 9

Next/previous staff key command to work without note selected 9

Polyrhythmic scores (flute in 3/4, bassoon in 7/8 for instance) 9

Import lyrics from Clipboard 10

Import graphics (logo, whatever) 13

Decent export to wordprocessors 12

Diatonic display of pitch bend 6

improved rehearsal letter handling ( marker based?) 8

Independant key signature per track 3

Redo 5

DOUBLE BAR LINES, at the BEGINNING of a staff 4

rests should be selectable and graphically moveable (like notes) 3

when changing betw Page & Linear Mode score should keep position 5

better control over spacing between accidental and note 5

jazz symbols, e.g. Dmin/Cmin/¯ (half-diminished etc) 4

FREELY adjustable sizes for individual chords (for those tight spots) 3

longer/thinner slash style note head (for rhythm parts) 3

improved bar number handling 5

allow 'closing bracket' ")" after time sig/clef/key sig changes 4

longer/thinner slash-type notehead for rhythm parts: roughly 2 spaces 3

format individual syllables -text/lyrics (L,R,Center,fullwidth) 3

Make trill (a la overture) 5

Breaking of secondary beams - improved handling of 3/8, 6/8 &c sigs 5

metronome "in 2" 2

chord parsing from chord symbols >>> MIDI 2

chord recognition from MIDI >>>> chord symbols 5

key command: 'Insert double bars at rounded marker locations' 4

function: double bars to markers 3

key cmmnd: "Insert Marker Text -> Score at rounded marker locations" 3

(THIS WEEK'S ADDITIONS:)================

Ability to copydrag between staves 2

Show tracknames instead of instrumentnames 1

Automated "Print Parts" (macro for printout of sev. tracks) 2

Automatically coloured notes (a la Cubase) 1

Ability to manually colour selection of notes 1

All time signature changes and key changes to appear in editable list 1

Sequence parameter box available within Score 2

"Novice mode": Display pitch (ex.: F# 2) as text above/below note 2

Global (& local) 'hide tuplet brackets and numbers' as in Notator. 2

Global (& local) tuplet direction 2

META-events and user rests accepted in Transform functions 2

User rests recognized in Event Edit->select similar/equal objects 2

User-definable note-heads (e.g. INSTEAD of the given ones) 1

Allow use of (user-defined) graphic/music fonts 1

Slur/gliss/line thicknesses user-selectable 2

Hide META-events in Event window 2


I have added new wishes at the bottom rather than group them logically, to
allow those who have already voted to see new items for further voting

Some of the above wishes can be worked-around, but the pain.... :)

* tally = no. of contributors adding their wish

With full respect to Emagic and Chris Adam for their tremendous achievement
to date and thanks for the body of work/income made possible thereby.

Emagic will already have these wishes (plus many more) on a list of their
own. Nevertheless it may help to unify communication between us and Emagic,
& help focus on those areas which are more fruitful.


Staff member
Just in case anyone is wondering, I split these score wish list posts off the thread they were in. Each wish should have it's own thread - at least, that is what it says in the rules ;)

kind regards



So should I ( or a delegate) parse the score wishlist into individual wishes?
Perhaps starting with those with the highest number of votes?? ( Bearing in mind that some newer candidates will have fewer votes simply because they're new and people haven't had time to respond)