Logic Pro 9 The shortcuts stop working for no apparent reason!


Can anyone tell me why on some occasions the keyboard shortcuts stop working...I normally use them a lot to work faster...Like Spacebar for play and stop, Backspace for delete and Enter for OK, ect...But sometimes these shortcuts simply do not respond and I have to go back to the mouse for everything...Is there a good explanation for this. Thanks in advance for the help!:confused:
It could be a focus issue - make sure that Logic Pro is selected as the active program on your Mac.

Just a thought, but if you are using 32 bit AUs in 64 bit Logic, this could be something to watch out for, whether Logic is active, or the 32 bit Audio Unit Bridge ...

kind regards

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Logic has special key commands specific to whichever window/editor you have open. It is also possible to edit them, as long as they are not already assigned. Are you always having the problem in the same editor, or do you move around between windows, i.e., arrange to score, piano roll to midi event, etc.? Have you opened the key command window to see if they are active or changed from the default to something other than what you expected?
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