Logic Pro 8 Tiger to Leopard


hello... just started working in a new studio on a Power Mac G5 that's running Tiger

it's not an intel machine, so upgrading to snow leopard isn't an option - the next best thing is to upgrade to Leopard

we're running Logic 8 - which im pretty sure will migrate from Tiger to Leopard ok... but the thing thats worrying me is the plug-ins

Sony Oxford EQ's, Antares Autotune, Melodyne, WAVES Platinum bundle etc

what will i need to update them?

im hoping its just a case of going on their website and downloading the latest drivers BUT

some use iLok - and ive never updated an ilok before so i need some help there if possible, AND some of the drivers are updated to Snow Leopard now

so if i update something to the latest driver, it'll be snow leopard - but we're only running Leopard on a NON intel machine... will this be a problem?