Logic Pro 8 Time and Pitch Machine & Apple Loops


Hello everyone - I'm trying to use the Time and Pitch machine to modify some Apple Loops audio regions - specifically, some ocean waves and animal sounds. However, the function remains grayed-out in the Factory drop window in the Sample Editor - even when the region is selected.

I've tired the "convert to new audio file", hoping this would remove any markers, settings -whatever, that might be blocking the T&P machine - and also dragged an audio file from the Audio Bin into the Arrange Window and then tried converting it, but the T&P link still remains grayed-out.

Are the Apple Loops off-limits to this typed of modification?

The process of converting apple loops to normal audio seems to have changed over the years. A few years back it worked well to copy/convert to SDII, then back to wav or aiff. Bit of a faff.

I now just do a bounce in place and be done with it. (Same process George suggested but simpler, however you can't do this with Logic 8)
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