Logic Pro 9 Time for Logic 9 installation

Uwe Rodi

Hi together,
I got my Logic 9 (german) today. Now I´m trying to install it on my PowerMac G5 (2x2Ghz).
The installationprogram tells me, that it will last about 21 hours.
Is that normal?
Greetings Uwe
Tach' Uwe

No, it doesn't sound normal. FWIW, I had install times of less than 2 hours on two intel macs - albeit, this was installing the L9 update over L8, IIRC the L9 installer recognized that much of the content which is common to both Logic Studio I and II was already present, and deselected it. If you are installing on a fresh system it may take longer, but 21 hours :eeek:

HTH, kind regards

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I had all sorts of strange install times listed also, for each of the Logic 9 DVDs. Over 20 hours for each, typically. However, each would install quite rapidly (total install time of perhaps 2-3 hours for the entire set). This was on a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard.
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