Logic Pro 9 Time Line Delete Start/End Function?

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I'm about to record audio books and I need to have time to record for at least an hour per track. I've set up a template and noticed that the start/end marker in the time line is at 4 minutes, 15 seconds. (I don't know how this time was set) Obviously I need to have that changed to allow for vastly more record time. Clicking on the box shows a start number of 1 1 1 1. With an ending number of 130 4 2 120. Rather than drag the box to the right for a couple of miles, how can I set this up to have an endless timeline? I'd hate to be way into a session and discover that nothing was recorded after a period of time. I've been searching the users guide and elsewhere and drawing blanks. Thanks guys.

Doug Zangar

Well you could do the math. You're probably at the default tempo of 120 bpm? 131 bars gives you 4.25 minutes. So how many bars needed for an hour??

Or easier, go to the transport bar and change the SMPTE hour time from 01:00:00:00 to 02:00:00:00 and note the bar number below it. Move to the project end location window (under tempo) that probably says 131 and type in your bar number at the hour mark (or where ever you want to set it). I'd also consider going to the upper right and change the ruler display to time - I find that more useful if I'm not working with music.

Oh, you can change your tempo to say, 60 bpm and deal with half as many bars.
Actually, Logic will just keep on recording as long as you have the drive space and are not in cycle mode, up to about 1200 bars or something like that. Slow the tempo to 30 BPM, and go for it...

Doug Zangar

georgelegeriii said:
Actually, Logic will just keep on recording as long as you have the drive space and are not in cycle mode
You know, I knew that too, but I guess that is on autopilot and I don't even think about it.... Sometimes I just gotta answer a question in some stupid, convoluted way to get a memory jog from a good response. :eeek:

I did test it (it works as George says) and I also found this on Apple's site:

Maximum project length greater than 6 hours at 96kHz; 13 hours at 44.1kHz.

Probably using caf, not aif or wav.

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Thanks guys.
Doug, I should have mentioned that I keep the ruler set for time. That's because I only use Logic to record voice overs and produce radio spots -- and they don't take a huge amount of time to record. So I ran a test, too (which I should've done in the first place) and as George says, Logic just keeps on going and the start/end icon just moves forward. So I didn't need to reset the SMPTE. Thanks for the note about the maximum project length.

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