Logic Pro 9 time shift



what advice for transposing an entire audio track up a minor third BUT keeping the original tempo?

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THere are a log of options out there. For an entire track? I don't know off hand. That's kind of a large jump. Last week I was able to get very good 5th and 7th trasnpositions using Celemony Melodyne and Logics Vocal Transformer II. But this was only for a vocal track. At the time I also tried Speed, Digidesign Pitch, Serato Pitch N Time, Logics Time and Pitch machine and Logics Pitch Shifter and none of them were close to CM & VT II.

Oh, I just remembered another one I should have tried. I think in Sample Manager they use Izotope...

I've had good results in the past shifting musical material with Speed and Serato, and also using Sample Manager ( from audiofile-engineering)

hope that points in a direction?


You'll find that apple's free Pitch plugin works great as in insert (found in your standard au plugins folder). I've used it for temp stuff thinking I was going to use something better later but in the end it worked fine. I know have Izotope's Radius which I just used on a full mix to change the key. Also, just try Logic's built in pitch stuff in the sample editor as that might be fine. Not sure if you're doing individual tracks or a whole mix. For quality I go with Radius, having used Pitch n Time and X-Form in Pro Tools in the past. I wanted some equivalent in Logic. I think you can try the demo for Radius too to make sure it works for you. I also have Melodyne DNA but never got as good of results for artifact free polyphonic results.



OK - this is for a full track - I just wanted a play-a-long for an Alto Sax student for two pieces that are in "E" for the original key which puts the poor soul in C#.
I wanted to bump the original up to "G", a minor third, not caring too much about the chipmunk vocals as long as he can play his part along with the vocal track, and I would like to keep something near the original tempo.
Initial results with Celemony Melodyne are relatively useable.
Logic's tools in the wave form editor may have more possibilities than I initially found - I managed a pitch change, but not without altering the tempo accordingly - more fiddling may be needed ;)
Thanks for taking the time to give your advice.