Logic Pro 9 timing problem


I'm recording a sort of reproduction of a latin track and it shifts a bit tempowise, so what I do in these cases is to compare with a click and nudge the tempo up and down so that we're in sync. then I lay my own MIDi keys, arrangement, and topline to print out parts, then record new players.

I recorded a live double bass to this MIDI, and all is well.

However, I forgot the tempo changes when we recorded - I should have set the entire song to one tempo but forgot, so although the new bass track is beautifully played against the varying tempo, I really want the track to be set to one tempo throughout.

I can't get my head around how to set the bass onto a steady beat.

I imagine I can do this with flex time but would like some pre-flight advice, please. I also have Melodyne.

any ideas, please?



Hi Peter,

I would suggest this: analyze your audio file with flex with the current tempo map with all the changes. Go in to the Sample Edit Window and make sure all the markers fall on the musical subdivisions as needed. Then switch to your tempo map with the one consistent tempo throughout.

The bass track should re-adjust, but chances are it won't correct itself automatically perfectly. So, once in the new tempo map, enable flex view, and create some flex markers in the few places that may be needed to manually correct the timing of whatever transients don't adjust properly.

It all depends on the source material of course, and how the tempo changes will affect it. So, YMMV...;)
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