Logic Pro 8 Tip: Use your mic as a breath controller


Sascha Franck

Hi (btw, isn't there a dedicated tips'n'tricks section here?),

Triggered by this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn_uBjKTnkQ (I won't comment on the musical content for good reasons...)
and by a discussion on KVR, I was thinking about how to set something like that up in Logic. Using any plain mic as a sort of breath controller that is.
The solution is actually fairly simple (even if it's quite limited).
- Set up mic, just run it into an audio track.
- Open the EXS or ES2.
- Use the sidechains in the two and select your audio track.
- On their modulation routers, select a destination (let's say relative volume or filter cutoff, etc.). Drag the value slider up.
- Play something on the EXS/ES2, breath into your mic at the same time.

Voila, there's your poor mans breath controller. Of course there's only one "controller" thrown out (I think breath controllers also have a "bite" sensor, throwing out another controller), but I can see this to become quite useful at times, though.
Before I forget, audio software monitoring needs to be turned on for this to work.

As said, there's a few drawbacks coming along with this.
- In order to actually arrange something using this technique, you will have to record both audio and MIDI data, plus you will also have to arrange the regions parallely.
- It only works with the two mentioned instruments (well, the ES1 has a limited side chain functionality as well).

I wish Logic would finally support MIDI-Out plugins - that way (and assuming there'd be an appropriate plugin), setting such a thing up would be a piece of cake and one could use any instrument for such adventures. And you wouldn't have to record any audio which is supposed to only be controller data anyway, let alone arrange it side by side with your MIDI data.

Anyway, maybe someone will have some fun with this.