To hear multiple notes with a cursor-click


When I click on a note in the pianoroll, I hear one note. I would like to hear ALL the notes at that vertical position by holding down apple-button (or so) while clicking.
1. click on a note: I hear one note,
2. apple-click: I hear ALL the notes at that vertical position.
(The harmonies I am editing). "No rewinding, No setting play-offs, No markers, none of that. With apple-click I would hear the result of my edit to harmonies without constant play-rewind, play-rewind, every time...

The song doesn't have to move, I move my cursor instead.
Much faster, more intuitive and simple.
In the arrange window there could be some similar function, holding down the cursor at a position, I hear the notes playing in that track. Control-click I hear the notes in all tracks at that vertical position. The song doesn't have to move, better I move my cursor instead to different locations with the speed of ligth.
That's my logic wish #1.

Doug Zangar

Nice ideas - there are some workarounds in Logic for those in Logic's arrange and PR windows, nothing as straight forward as you describe. You might look at using the marquee tool to create a playback point or small region.

Don't know if you use the score editor as it works there (only for notes an a given track). Short click to hear selected note, long click to hear chord.


Update Piano-roll, for Logic 8.0.3

And also, in the score-editor I can "grab a note" and move it up-down and hear the whole harmony changing in realtime. This is not possible at all in the "primitive" piano-roll.
And finally, Option-click anywhere in "empty space" sets the play-off from there (in the score-editor).
I WISH THAT for the piano-roll. And for the arrange-window.

To sum it up: the score-editor is smarter..; than the piano-roll editor.

So these functions for the piano-roll:
Single-click 1 note: hear 1 note.
Cmd-click: hear MULTIPLE notes. (ALL notes at that vertical position).
Cmd-click & drag up-down: hear harmony changes in realtime.
Opt-click anywhere: sets playhead. (as in score-editor).
Double-click in empty-space: also sets playhead.
Key-cmd I: Inspector-toggle. (as in score-editor).

This would be a huge improvement to the primitive piano-roll.
No "rewind-play" a zillion times and no pin-pointing the thin bar-ruler
in a totally different area of the window from where I am actually editing.



Yes, and we score editor users are also smarter than the piano roll editor users :)
Yes that's true, but we piano-roll guys are smart enough to want "your" code-writer to fix "our" window to. The code is already in the house, in the program. Would you buy a guitarr that you could only play one string at the time, never listen to all six to check the chords?
(I have one issue for the sample-editors also but that will be a thread of its own.)