Logic Pro 9 To start the first beat in-between a bar


This is regarding working with Film and setting the grid to match a particular point of the film.

For example: In the middle of the film, at a certain point [say at 1:33 secs], let's say that 1:33 in bar mode falls in between the first 2 beats of bar 33 [in between the given grid] how can I start a brand new bar and tempo at exactly 1:33 [basically, is there a way to start the FIRST beat of bar 34 right at that point]?

In Nuendo, you can actually physically pull the bar grid to the desired point [for example 1:33] and therefore start a new tempo at the first downbeat of a new bar].

Thanks anyway in advance.


I've always dealt with this by changing the tempo and/or time signature to something drastic for one bar. In your example, Bar 33 would be (perhaps) a single bar of 2/4, and maybe 10 or 20 bpm faster to make the downbeat of Bar 34 land right on the cut. (Or maybe Bar 33 goes 40bpm slower and remains at 4/4 - there are usually several ways to make it work)Usually the previous cue has ended by the time you need to do this, so it works out OK, but really, Logic isn't the greatest for this - I haven't worked with it for decades, but I understand Performer has a 'chunks' feature that deals with this much more elegantly.
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