toggle all tracks between READ + TOUCH

Hi All,

I'm just beginning to use the MC Mix and Transport. I have 2 issues:

First, Does anyone know if it's possible to program a Logic keyboard shortcut to toggle all tracks to go between read and touch?. I think there might be a way to program something like this with the MC Transport but I'm not sure.

Second, I'd like to 'decouple' the MC Mix sometimes so that the faders stop moving while I'm working in Logic. Of course I'd need the automation to remain active.

So far the only solution that's been suggested to me is that I power off and on the MC Mix.

Any Logic / MC Mix + Transport maestros have any suggestions?

Judith Gruber-Stitzer
I don't have a transport, but I have a Mix and Control. (I've also discovered a neat trick to turn them into MIDI controllers... )

Regarding turning all tracks at once into touch. The only way I know of to do this is with the Logic Mixer. Select all the track and change on of them to read or touch and they will all change. For sure there isn't a way with the mix.

I know what you mean about wanting to decouple the faders. I've seen guys do that with Pro Tools by going into Trim mode. There isn't a way to do this and keep the surface alive. The only other suggestion I have is you could create a layout that had the faders set to <blank> but that wouldn't be much different to turning the device off, just that it would be quicker to jump in and out of the layout in the eu control app.
Have you tried pressing the shift and flip chan buttons? This swaps the fader and pan functions, so it isn't quite the same as pressing control + flip on a logic/mackie control, but unless you have a lot of panning in your mixes, it should quieten fader movement down. BTW, as it is a Euphonix specific subject, I moved the thread to the Euphonix forum

kind regards

Hi Judith,

With regards to toggling the automation modes of all channels at once, I seem to recall that you can do it on the Mackie Control by holding down the option key when switching between the modes. Maybe this will work on the MC Mix????
It's a pre-programmed Eucon command available for the transport or the control. Just search through the list...