Logic Pro 8 Toggle automation controlling xyz, broken?

Is the Key Command Toggle Automation Controlling Volume/Pan etc. broken in LP 8.0.2?

I can't get it to work. It's supposed to switch the current automation parameter for the current track if I understand it correctly.

I've assigned to keys not used to anything else but I can't get it to switch (used) parameters with the keys.
Interesting, how can that be?

Maybe it's not implemented, there is actually nothing mentioned about key commands for those functions in the manual.

Strange week, I tried OMF export earlier, that didn't work either.


FTR, I tired assigning and using that key command as well and had the same result. It didn't seem to do anything.
Just to be clear, these functions are used to enable/disable the ability to write volume and pan. To test it... with key commands assigned to both of those commands, open the automation preferences pane and leave it visible. Activate those key commands and you should see the checkboxes under volume and pan become ticked/unticked.
This is from a thread on the Logic Pro Help forum that moderator ski posted. Looks like we were looking at the wrong function.......

So much for the Snow Leopard rumor :(