Too much gear set up issues.... Please help!



I currently own the following

Logic 9
Hi spec iMac
Mbox 2 interface
access virus Ti
Roland Jupiter 80
Korg Trinity Pro X - don't really need the sound from this, just its Midi master keyboard capability (Clavinova in picture)
Roland HPD 15
Akai MiniAk
Eurorack 12 channel desk
iLOK for EastWest software.

My question is how do i connect them all into my Logic setup in the most efficient way as Ive run out of USB slots and am unsure of how best to connect all my various bits and bobs?

The Virus has got audio inputs and multiple outs and acts as an audio interface so do I even need the Mbox 2 in my system?

I also want to try to input the sound from the Jupiter into Logic so it kind of appears as a soft synth, like the virus does. A music shop guy said to connect the jupiter to my audio inputs and then route the sound into Logic from there... How would i do the routing bit of that?

What do i need to connect via USB into my iMac, and what should I connect via MIDI from/ to?

I don't mind the Handsonic being wheeled out and plugged in as and when needed, although if there is a permanent way to wire it into the system, i'd like to include it if possible.

I realise there are a lot of questions here, but any help would be most appreciated.


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