Logic Pro 9 Track audio randomly disappearing during playback / bounce


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I have encountered this problem in several of my projects after I have reached a certain stage in the project... ie. quite deep into working in to the project after several days with about 90 tracks (audio and software instruments).

What will happen is certain tracks will just stop playing and go silent for several measures or bars during playback or bouncing. This can happen to any track, audio or instrument, anywhere in the project at any time.

I have checked for any rogue automation, selected the channel strip from 'read' to 'off'. I have disabled any potentially problematic plugins. I am not using any demo plugins with audio drop out restriction. I have removed fades from audio regions yet the problem still persists. If I play the project from the start of the problematic region, the track plays fine. It it almost as if it cannot read ahead and process the tracks properly.

Some technical information:

Mac Pro 8 Core
OSX 10.5.8
Logic 9
8gb RAM

Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? I have searched high and low for a solution for this but no luck... I hope you can help! Thanks in advance.
Just to rule out the obvious here: Is it possible you have overlapping regions on audio tracks and that maybe some of them are "hidden" underneath longer regions? This could explain unexpected dropouts on audio regions. And as far as software instrument regions, is there any possibility there is a polyphony problem when you experience these symptoms?

These probably aren't the cause of your problems; but worth ruling out anyway. Select all, then invoke the create tracks for overlapping regions function. See if that yields any clues.
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Thanks for getting back to me.

No unfortunately this is not the case as before the audio would run perfectly fine and I am 100% sure there are no overlapping regions or any rogue automations that would cause this audio / instruments to drop out.

Could you please explain what you mean by a polyphony problem?
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Could you please explain what you mean by a polyphony problem?

Most software instruments have a ceiling as to how many actual voices can sound at once. This value is often adjustable. When the maximum number of allowable voices is surpassed, "voice stealing" occurs whereby certain notes are not heard. This would only be in issue on MIDI tracks though, not on audio tracks.
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