Track Folders


Let's have Track Folders as well as the currently available Region-based Folders.

Track Folders would allow one to better organize the Arrange
window, grouping together related tracks (all the drum tracks, or all
the string tracks, for example) into one Folder Track.

The resulting Track could be expanded or collapsed directly within the Arrange Window, within the context of other tracks (just like Finder folders in List view), or could be opened in its own window in the manner of the current Region-based folders.

One should also be easily able to drag tracks (as opposed to regions) into and out of Folders, to and from other Folders and the top level. Again, just as files in the Finder can be moved about between Folders.

The functionality I am looking seeking is something like that of
Cubase's (sorry to mention unmentionables) Folder Tracks feature or
Digital Performer's Track Folders feature:

Here's hoping that this feature will be implemented.
Here here! This would also address the existing problem of not being able to select and move multiple tracks in the arrange window. I'll take both wishes, thank you! :)
yeah that folder thing and the comp tracks are really cool
but i think logic 8 is still missing some editing functions compared to Pro Tools
and the other thing Im still missing in any other sequencer than PT is the Quick Punch thing wich uses 2 Voices on every Track instead of one, so whenever u punch u will never miss audio cuz its recording everytime u hit play on the second voice of the track so punching failures are no longer existing i love that feature.
By the way best thing in a sequencer would be to have PT Playlist feature combined with Logic comp track feature, would freaking rock my socks =)

greez disamp