Track import


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Hmm, not what i mean. If you have a song in witch someone has done edits, automation etc. You want to import everything. So the whole track with al it's info and plugins etc. So just importing the audio file isn't going to cut it. Very usefull if you are working with more than one person on a track.


im no guru so there might be a better way but i would...

open up the first song ( the "from" track), turn the audio engine off,( this will stop any loading when you go to the "to" track

open up the second song( the "to" track) ( yes you can have more than one session open at a time)
create requisite number of empty tracks in the song to be copied to.

save channel strip for track from song copied from,,
select all regions in song remembering where the first region starts ( it may be easier to cut the region to a whole bar number)
drag to "to" song to empty track, then paste channel strip into new track....
go back to "from" track open automation hold down option on the first automation node at ( that will select all automation after) , copy, then go to "to " track open automation and paste..

hope that makes sense.. there is probably ??? a less labourious way.. perhaps using the audio configuration , but ill leave a guru to explain that

and yes its a pain cf pro tools..

i wonder how the other DAWs handle it?



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Tnx guys, i know the ways to do it in logic. Ben there.. But this is the wish list. I wish they would steal / implement it like in Pro tools, with out all the need for a work arounds.
Yup - sorry i misunderstood. This also is a large issue that drives me crazy when trying to get multiple settings from one song into another, or apply one mix from the same session to another set of tracks. When you see pro tools guys do it, one tends to react with... 'amazement!'... "oh it's so easy"...