track locking?

Davis Brooks

New Member
Is there a way to lock tracks down to a certain position in the arrange window. I am dealing with some precise positioning and being able to set the position would help with the project.

This is my first major recording project and it has quite a few recorded audio fragments. A "classical" piece.

Curiously, are there any users in the Indianapolis area?

Thank you for your time.
I fidn the lock smpte feature to be of limited use in this sort of scenario. You're better off using the track "protect" lock icon in the track list. Make sure it is visible by means of enabling it in the "configure track header" dialog box. When you lock the track this way, no region can be moved or altered. Which sounds to me like what you are looking for.
When regions are smpte locked, you can still alter their length and move them vertically from track to track, and delete them. So, while it does protect accidentally altering the start time of the region, it doesn't really offer as complete a form of protection as the track protect function does. With that you can't alter it, move it, delete it, etc.