Logic Pro 9 Track not playing


I have a track that has a blue dot in upper left corner. I cannot hear it during playback. It also appears to be "grayed out.


Thanks. Very interesting. Even though it didn't show as muted in the track pane. Very interesting. What's the difference here? Muting by selecting "M" in track pane or highlight track and press "M". Thanks for the reply.

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Unless I'm misunderstanding, I think you may be confusing tracks with regions. In which case there is a bit manual reading to be done.

If not, I apoligise for misinterpreting your question.
Actually that IS the answer: selecting the track and then pressing the "M" button mutes the entire track, while selecting region and pressing "m" on your keyboard mutes just the region.

As you spend time with Logic you will see the benefits of each method.