Logic Pro X Track Stacks & Smart Controls

I've been going nuts creating Track Stacks with Smart Controls. I'm trying to create something similar to Performance Mode in a Yamaha Motif. Usually I have a minimum of 4 instruments: Ultrabeat (playing it's own sequence), Bass, Synth, Comping all being played by arpeggios. I have assigned a knob to control arpeggio rate and tow buttons to turn on two auxs that are a delay and an autofiliter. Everything works great in the original project. I have saved all of the components: Instruments, channel strips, Track Stacks. If I start a new project and load on of these track stacks things get unpredictable. Sometimes an instrument shows up as a channel strip. Sometimes I'll lose "Track" changes in octaves, Key Limits. The Track Stack smart controls that were assigned to muting the auxs come up as "Null". HELP! I'd love to find some deep in-depth documentation on Track Stacks, Smart Controls & there interaction.