Logic Pro 9 Transfering Problem between Macs


I've got Logic Express 9 installed on my iMac & Macbook pro..I edited some
vocals with Melodyne on the Macbook and when I brought them home they
wouldn't play on my iMac? Lots of messages came up saying they were 8 bit files..The song was originally recorded on The iMac and transfered onto a flash drive...I also noticed the other day that I'm missing several apple loops from my laptop? Could I have to change some settings on the laptop..
I'm new to the forum by the way and looking forward to being a member..

Unless you specifically told melodyne to place the files it made into your Logic song folder, you don't have them. Melodyne default to some location in the user folder, not your Logic folder. I imagine that is why you are getting the warnings.
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Thanks George
I went to my Melodyne manual and found a section on sharing .I think you've
pointed me in the right direction.Won't know anything more till I get back to my Laptop
on Wednesday..
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