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Alright, I've been using FL Studio for the last 4 to 5 years (FL 7-9) and can pretty much grasp the aspects of creating music through their software (great software). I've recently bought a Macbook Pro, and while I'm alright with "Bootcamping" Windows 7 whenever I need to create music... I feel it's time to upgrade to something greater.

I've recently talked to a few of my peers and they enjoy Logic Studio for Mac. Checked out the Apple site and it's definitely something I can sink my fingers into... but I need a little input on a few things before I shell out 500 dollars or so.

1) Since creating my first instrumental in FL, I've used Cubase and Sony's Acid (vocal purposes) with so-so results. I've also used Garageband and enjoy it, but there are a lot of things with it I still don't understand at the moment. Question being... is it possible to transfer .flp files through Logic or would I have to save/convert them into wav, mp3, ogg, zip, or mid?

2) Taking you back to the first question per se... when it comes to each instrument within FL, I'm top-notch... but as I've seen within Garageband/Cubase/Acid that they're mostly loops... which I don't use unless necessary. FL has more of a grid-based look to it which I can click on for each pattern (along with setting the "beats per bar for this pattern"), to construct a delicious composition. I also use the playlist (constructed of blocks) to develop the song. That being said... when it comes placing each piece were I want it, would it remain the way Garageband currently is (from what I have used) or is it possible to do the same on LS?

Thank you in advance, and make great music!

Alan "Age" Hall
Answer to your first question is save/convert them into wav, mp3, and/or mid.

Answer to your 2nd question is if your getting Logic Studio, Garageband is pretty much how Logic is going to funtion in terms of basics. Just like the piano roll is used for entering notes on the step sequencer in FL, become friends with piano roll in Logic. Just like Direct Wave is the top sampler for making sample instruments, make EXS24 sampler your friend.

To get that grid feel, you would have to set up quantization to play notes & have fall in line with whatever note you have them set on.

I hope this helps. I've used FL since v5 producer edition. I made the transition & it was well worth it. Feel free to ask me more question if necessary.
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