Transferring Logic and 3rd party stuff to new machine


So, what really is the best way to put my existing version of Logic and all my 3rd party plug-ins on another computer? I've got an iMac that is my dedicated music machine--that's all I use it for. My MacBook Pro has an older version of Logic, and I have not kept up with installing all the various plug-ins and whatnot that exist on the iMac. It's way behind. It's only got a fraction of everything I have. I'd like to make it mirror the iMac on it as far as Logic and plug-ins.
I do make a bootable clone regularly with Carbon Copy Cloner--is there a way to use that data? With all the various 3rd party stuff I have, I know I'll have to spend time re-authorizing. Or, does it end up being just as efficient and perhaps tidier to simply re-install everything from scratch on the MBP?
Or is there some trick I don't know about--some nifty app that copies all your authorizations and voila!, you're done (wishful thinking, I know.....:)
Any tips appreciated.
As far as the Logic part of the migration goes, unfortunately it seems the only truly reliable way to do it is to re-download and install it fresh from your App Store account.

Third party plugins are a different story. That my be easier to simply copy across the drives. It depends on the plugin.

Eli Krantzberg
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