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I am trying to open a project made on a Macbook Air M1 to a Mac mini intel computer. Does anyone know if there is a problem doing this?
The project has no audio, just tracks and plugins. I also tried a very striped down version with no plugins with no luck.
The Mac mini will not open the file. I can transfer the files in the other direction and back to the Mac mini but as soon as i do any editing to it in the Macbook it will not open on the Mac mini.
When tring to load the project it looks like it will load as I initially get the Logic banner but nothing else happens on screen. I get the feeling it is loaded but I just can't see it as I can hear audio from any mics hooked up to the interface and if I try subsequently open another project Logic asks if I want to close the phantom project first.
Any help would be appreciated.
Very strange. It shouldn't happen, but that doesn't help you of course...

I assume you have the same set of plugins on both machines and the drives containing your sampler data (especially third party libraries like Kontakt etc...) have the same name and all the paths are exactly the same on both machines. I would make sure that this is the case first as sometimes Kontakt can just sit there and look for stuff without letting us know about it.

Perhaps try saving the project on the MBA M1while running Logic in Rosetta mode once and then see what happens when you move it over to the MacMini.
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Ok I'll try the Rosetta mode.
I was thinking it was because of the complexity of the project that it wouldn't work so I tried a very simple project with no plugins and nothing fancy but it still didn't work.
It very much seems like the project is loaded but I just can't see it
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