This really bugs/frustrates me so hopefully someone can help me with this.
Everything is fine when I send a bounce (mix) from Logic to Music v1.0.6.10 (I still can't get used to the new-ish name for iTunes) but when I try to move that mix from Music to my iPhone SE2-iOS v14.4 I get varying results. I hate to subscribe to "stupidstision" but it seems that if I leave the room the transfer goes through and when I don't it don't either.
Perhaps there's another way to do this other than the one I've been employing which is just to drag the track from Music to the icon for my iPhone in Music or dragging it to the icon for my "In Progress" playlist which is then automatically transferred to the iPhone in any case I've yet to find an alternate way to do it. So I really, really need to know if what I'm doing is wrong.
If further info. is needed I'll try to send this along as and when requested.
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