Logic Pro 9 Transformer problem with CC2


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I defined a transformer to insert a CC2 message before a note on, with value equal to the note's velocity.. But I don't see it inserted in the Event List when I record. However, if I change the controller number to a different number (I tried 1, 3, 4, 5) I do see the added event. What's different about CC2? How do I get this to work?

Logic Pro 9.1.8, OS X 10.8.2. Yamaha WX7 wind controller.
Not sure about this, but do you see CC#2 in the Environment Clicks & Ports layer Input View monitor object (between the Input Notes keyboard object and the Sequence Input)? Or in a Monitor object attached to this Transformer?
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Right now I'm away of my Mac, so I took a snapshot (see below) using old Logic 5 on my PC laptop. It works as expected - look at the the events shown in the Monitor object.
There are a few issues which may cause such specific CC# filtering:
1. Did you check the "Input Filter" project settings?
2. If you have "Learned" CC2 previously for controlling any Logic parameter etc, then Logic Physical Input will bypass CC2 directly to the Controller Assignments so CC2 will be filtered and you can not use in Logic (there is a trick how to hack that - I have posted here before).
3. If you have assigned CC2 in the Keycommands dialog for some reason then CC2 will be filtered as well.
You can try to trash/backup the Logic preferences file which will reset the assignments...

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Thanks Tangra! I didn't see any assignments in the Controller Assignments window, but I went ahead and removed the com.apple.logic.pro.cs file, and got the desired behavior.

I've never assigned CC2 (to my knowledge) other than as a MIDI Controller Assignment in ES2 and in Sculpture; does that count as "Logic parameter"?
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