Logic Pro 9 Transport bar

Is there any way to enhance the transport bar. Since my mac is placed at some distance its somehow inconvenient to hit the buttons on the transport bar :eeek:


By "enhance" do you mean make larger? if so, then yes. Try control clicking in the center part of the display and you can get a larger read out of the bar / beat position.

You can also open a dedicated Transport Window from under the Window menu, and customize it (by control clicking and selecting / deselecting the elements you want) to show only the transport buttons - if that's what you want. And then you can make it larger by dragging the lower right corner of it.
Thank for replying. Yes by enhance I mean making the transport bar bigger. I tried your suggestions but I can only make it bigger horizontally but I need to make it vertically bigger. Is that possible you think?


If you open up the separate Giant Bar Display or Giant SMPTE Display, you can resize those horizontally. But not the regular Transport Window.