Logic Pro 9 transposing audio loops multiple times on same track.


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hey everybody, i'm new on here and am using logic pro 9. before i continue i'd like to mention that i tried getting my answer on the FAQ's but to no avail.
i would like to know if it is possible to transpose an audio loop more than once on the same track but in two different places in the song. i produce contemporary gospel/urban and this type of songwriting is pretty much the norm.
for example, i am using a bass audio loop (4 bars) in key of C from the very beginning. however, for the very last ending chorus the whole song changes key to Db. do i need to create two different bass tracks and do some conversion or maybe something with pitch time and shift in an edit window? i am okay with this not being possible if that's the case, i just need to know if i need to do this the extra longer way or if this is conveniently possible on this platform. just trying to cut down the tech work and go with the creative flow. anyone? thanks so much.
Easy one: select the loop, transpose, select the next loop, transpose. Be sure you select the region, and transpose that, not the track.

Select the region, go o the track inspector while you have the region selected, and transpose it from there.

Remember: you can't transpose from major to minor on an audio region, while with a midi region you can by selecting the notes within the region.
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I only see octave options to transpose audio loops in the inspector pop-up. Are there ways to transpose audio in 1/2 step increments? I can't find it in the audio editor either?

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